AFC is owned and operated by firefighters who are passionate about learning and sharing the tools and techniques of our trade. Our focus is to keep up with changing industry standards, encourage regulation compliance and MOST importantly, keep first responders safe. We offer dynamic hands-on training under realistic conditions in order to strengthen muscle memory and situational awareness. We feel that a trained firefighter is a safer firefighter. When we are safe, we make our communities safe.

​​We firmly believe learning should never stop in this career. With that in mind, AFC has brought together firefighters from all ranks and regions to contribute to the high level of training we provide. We only succeed if you do. Our instructors have the skills and experience to adapt our trainings to any size organization or skill level.

Here are just some of the training disciplines we offer and nearly all of them can be taught under live fire conditions:

- Basic and Advanced Engine Operations

- Commercial and Residential Search 

- Vent Over Fire 

- Commercial and Residential Force Entry

- Commercial and Residential Ventilation

- Flow Path/ Air Track Management 


​- Thermal Imaging  

- Rapid Intervention Crew Operations

- Firefighter Safety and Survival

We also offer Train The Trainer for many of these skills